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I'm moving to Mostly.

I plan to use that site as a "self-marketing website" of sorts and to manage content in a way that I would otherwise not be able to do on blogger alone.

This blog will stay, ostensibly for more provisional ideas prior to refinement. I'll be gradually moving content (I still like) over to the other website. =)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spring Cleaning (in Fall)

It seems that everything has been cleaned out here. 'decided to do this little clean up of old cruft and clutter only after my public service posting was done and over with. They've had their chance to do their bit of net stalking. And now that they have no legitimate excuse to carry on, I've done what I've always wanted to do: clean out and start with a new bit of content.

Why clean out? I've been reflecting on the past for quite a bit, and noticed how childish I've been. Childish idealistic, childish immature, the works.

Regardless of notions normative of how we might propose that the world should be like, the realities of reality have to be accounted for. There are questions of how valuable to you a certain state of affairs or condition of society would be. And accordingly, the ultimate validation or culmination of that previous utility evaluation, how much you would be willing to pay for it. Childish idealism is the support of an ideal that one is not wiling personally to make a commitment to. Brash youth lashes out in criticism of older generations, citing their "complicity in the system" and their roles as "willing cogs in the machine". The realities of life require one to put value on one's goals, or equivalently decide what one would be willing to do in order to pursue those goals, bearing in mind that one may not, in fact, attain the object of one's pursuit.

On a far far more personal note, I've taken quite a bit of time to grow up. I hope to say that this lengthier gestation has led to a fuller and more solid level of personal maturity, but that remains to be seen. It is certainly true that maturity is the product of making mistakes, and mistakes the product of a lack of maturity. And driving this system is the fact that regret is, perhaps, the only thing that can truly change a person's constitution, a person's temperament, a person's idiosyncrasies. In short, a person.

Without the grandiose pronouncements in the style of "A Blog Reborn", I've thought that it would be fun to blog again. Furthermore, the transfer thoughts from mind to media allows for clarification and reflection: always healthy, as the unexamined life...

In any event, I guess it would be a fun diversion. *smile*

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