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I'm moving to Mostly.

I plan to use that site as a "self-marketing website" of sorts and to manage content in a way that I would otherwise not be able to do on blogger alone.

This blog will stay, ostensibly for more provisional ideas prior to refinement. I'll be gradually moving content (I still like) over to the other website. =)

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Proper Role of Business

Business is the expression of the productive urges of individuals expressing their skills and capabilities, and seeking, in a sense, to be valued by others. In this sense, business is intricately bound up with self-hood is an important part of life and being alive.

Problems arise, however, when business is perverted so as to subordinate life for the sake of profit, robbing the many through cunning schemes.

As such, we should always remember that business is and should always remain a vehicle for self-actualization. Selves should never be consumed for the sake of business. For a nation to forget this, pain will necessarily follow. With luck, there will be regret and there will be learning. I, however, will not be keeping my fingers crossed.

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