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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Implications of the Ageing Population on the Economy: An Observation

It would appear that the impending population shift might be the driving force pushing the economy towards a more knowledge intensive economy where experience and know-how command a premium, and old can truly be gold. It would necessitate a culture of continuous learning and would be a drastic shift, but it would suit the ageing demographic and lighten the dependency load.

Now, the government knew about the impending demographic shift for a very long time. It only recently (within the last decade) starting talking about it. My question is, why was the vaunted foresight not exercised to gradually nudge the economy in that direction? Why are the economic incentives of policy makers still aligned with chasing labour supply-led growth? To paint them in a better light, is a bad system making otherwise good people behave badly?

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