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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Law Society and Legislation: If not them then who?

I've just learnt somehow that in 1986 the Law Society lost its "statutory duty to comment on legislation" by special legislation. This is extremely strange to me. If not them then who? Is our country thoroughly unchecked and unbalanced?

Yes, I'm a political and legal swa gu.

It's recommended to look at the first supplementary source for a more comprehensive look at the matter. It is a worthwhile read (including the footnotes) and comprehensively deals with this part of the judicial history of Singapore.

Primary Sources:
Teo Soh Lung (Former ISA Detainee) speaking out on the ISA and her detention
Interview of Francis Seow (very long interview)

Supplementary Sources:
The Law Society of Singapore: Destined to Forever Hold its Peace? (Mohan Gopalan, forthcoming, Singapore Law Review)
Wikipedia Entry on Francis Seow

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Ponder Stibbons said...

Heh. Read To Catch a Tartar. You can't get it in Singapore but ordering through Amazon shouldn't be a problem.