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Sunday, May 29, 2011

We the Citizens: A Call for the Articulation of a Clear National Direction

Singapore seems to have been, for the past decade, floundering with no well defined heading. Granted, there have been some great new initiatives such as NParks' work in building a greener and more pleasant environment, as well as forrays into large scale event management (with mixed results), but it appears that the only truly concerted movement has been increasing the population, as seen in extensions of the rail network to and relatively rapid building of housing in the northeast. Most lists of Singapore's major achievements do not contain anything post-2000. This leads to the question of whether our leadership thinks we are "there" and only minor incremental moves are necessary. I would most certainly disagree with that proposition, pointing to clear quality of life issues that are widespread.

As a national direction, I would propose something familiar. As a statement of objectives, it reads: to build a democratic society, based on justice and eqaulity, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation. (Nostalgically: 建设公正平等的民主社会,并为实现国家之幸福、繁荣与进步.) That definitely sounds good and agreeable to most, though it need not be the direction for our nation as articulated by the government, but there are compelling historical reasons for it.

We need a direction to tack to and it should be clearly articulated. It will serve as a set of principles and objectives to verify all legislation and initiatives against. Conversely, such a direction may be used to design and formulate legislation and initiatives.

With apologies for the abstractness, this call for an articulated direction is basically an appeal for a statement of mission, vision and values, on which strategic thrusts and the crafting of initiatives may be based. We need this, or, like corporate entities without one, be destined to flounder and envying the increasing success of others with clarity of purpose and alignment to that purpose.

I propose that the formulation of a clear direction be done in Parliament. The pledge could be the basis of one. It should be bourne in mind that goals like "ensuring security" and "promoting growth" are of a strategic nature (supporting the mission and vision, respecting the values). Let's do this right and get Singapore on the road to success upon success. Is any MP up to the task of raising a motion on this matter?

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