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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Protect Singapore

In the title, the verb "protect" is used in its imperative form, as an instruction to act in a way that protects the nation of Singapore from its enemies from within and without. This is what I would say to the Elected President.

He would be a great communicator who would validate good government policies as an independent assessor, doing this based on his own knowledge and the SECRET/TOP SECRET briefs shared by the various government bodies.

The one who I vote for would be the one who has the strength of character to stand up for the present and future interests of Singaporeans. He would point out flawed policies that promote limited interests (e.g.: banking families) while drawing on the resources of the many, as well as those that are based on flawed logic (e.g.: the discredited trickle down economics). He would ensure that only individuals whose loyalty is to Singapore, as a whole, are appointed to key public service positions.

In the course of working for present and future Singapore, he would not fear the wrath of a displeased government wielding all the instruments at its disposal to get its way.

I say to him, above all, Protect Singapore.

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