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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lim Kim San and Goh Keng Swee on the Separation from Malaysia

"In a way, it (the separation) was a bit of a relief. In fact, all around town, people were letting off firecrackers! Dr Goh said to me, 'Here I am so worried about our future. But look, the people are celebrating.'"
- Lim Kim San, recollecting events of the separation

In fact, neither Lee Kuan Yew, Toh Chin Chye nor S. Rajaratnam wanted the separation. Goh Keng Swee understood that differences between Singapore's values and those of Peninsular Malaysia were unreconcilable and prolonged union might lead to further bloodshed. Goh played a key role in convincing the Malaysians that the only was out was for Singapore to secede completely.

Attribution: This content has been largely lifted from The New Paper's Founding Fathers series.

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