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Friday, September 7, 2012

Lim Kim San, Without Fear or Favour (Political Anecdotes)

Even before Lim Kim San became a minster, he volunteered to be the unpaid chairman of the fledgling Housing and Development Board (HDB). Under his charge, the HDB built 26,168 housing units in its first two years. In fact, the forerunning Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT), with many more architects and years of experience, built about the same number in its 32 years.

At that time, the Minister of National Development was Ong Eng Guan who Lim Kim San reported made things difficult for him. The non-cabinet member also had to deal with PAP politicians who demanded special treatment.

When Lim Kim San declined to give special treatment to the Queenstown constituents of Parliamentary Secretary for Home Affairs Lee Siew Choh, Lee reportedly asked: "What are you here for, if not to give priority to party supporters?" Lim Kim San replied, "I am here exactly to prevent misuse of position."

Attribution: This content has been largely lifted from The New Paper's Founding Fathers series.

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